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Đây có một cao nhất sẽ sẽ sẽ chắc dùng về nếu Yoon sẽ ký tự a FA contract. Until last year, he was judging as a card for the Samsung team, but this year, he has turned into just such a player. 

Yoon Sung-hwan is a lone fighter on the mound. Nó không phải là một kiểu dáng dáng, nhưng không có địa hình lồng trên trên các thay đổi, xác định điều khiển, và outstanding performance. 

In November 2014, Yoon signed an FA contract worth 8 billion won (US $ 8 million) for four years with Samsung, and was evaluated as a leading FA success. The first year of the FA contract has been seen as a reflection. However, Yoon is an exception.

In the first year of the contract, he broke his record of 17 wins (17 wins) and 11 wins and 10 losses (1.35 points on average) in 2016, and 12 wins and 9 losses (1.28 points on average). 

It’s not just the ability. 스포츠 토토 사이트  As the No. 2 player among the pitchers following Kwon Oh-joon, Yoon played the role of a mentor for young pitchers who will take charge of the future of the Samsung mound. 

Until last year, however, Yoon, who served as the most reliable card among the team’s starting staff, played in 24 games this season and lost five wins and nine losses. Out of the 6.98 ERA, only five were quality starts.

The second-tier team was on mound but failed to achieve satisfactory results. Samsung`s bench offered Yoon a chance to recover his reputation, but it was more disappointing than expected. 

Samsung Electronics is currently in the process of removing its military weight by reorganizing its military team last month. Yoon Seong-hwan, who is clearly showing the signs of aging, runs counter to the team’s direction. FAs give more meaning to future values ​​than to contributions. Có lẽ có thể tiếp tục thiết bị xuất hiện trong đầu tiên là một ưu tiên.